20 de agosto de 2007


Do we have to fight again
I just want to go to sleep
Turn out the light
But you want to carry grudges
Oh, nine times out of ten
Oh, I see the storm approaching
Long before the rain starts falling
Does it have to be the old thing
Oh, it’s late, too late
To chase the rainbow that you’re after
I’d like to find a compromise
Oh, and place it in your hands
My eyes are blind, my ears can’t hear
Oh, and I cannot find the time
Just let the curtains close in silence
Why not approach with less defiance
The man who’d love to see you smile
Who’d love to see you smile

Tonight-George Michael

3 comentários:

In@rq disse...

Cuto mesmo essa música.

In@rq disse...

Afinal reparei que faltava ali um "r". Assim, onde se lê "Cuto" dever-se-á ler "Curto". E não é mesmo que curto, passei aqui só para ouvir.


Anónimo disse...

We don't have to fight and sometimes maybe i'm too blind to even understand why we fight...I hate it, really hate it! I can't stand it, it hurts too much. Maybe i do need to change some things, but maybe we both do...i don't know, i just know that i don't want to fight any more. I don't want to feel the cold in your voice that cuts me like a knife, i just want peace between us and i'll so anything from now on for us to have it. When i fail to do that be pacient with me and talk to me gently in a way i can understand that i'm not right or you don't agree with me. I love you too much and i'm sorry if sometimes i'm childish...