17 de março de 2008

Ajudem a combater a violência animal!!!

O Homem é mesmo um bicho CRUEL!!

vejam o que se segue..

Pledge to go fur-free at PETA.org

P.S. E não se esqueçam de ir comprar coisas aos chineses..

visitem: http://www.furisdead.com/feat/ChineseFurFarms/

2 comentários:

lapa disse...

Coimbra, April 23, 1975.
"A few days ago, during the homily of Sunday Mass in a parish church in rural surroundings, the priest spoke to his parishioners about the forthcoming elections for the Constituent Assembly. Launched hand of the parabola to be better understood and told them:

-- "My dear brothers in Christ: suppose that one of you is owner of a dairy cow; if socialism wins, the brother takes the cow, but will have to give the milk to the party, if the communism wins, we ill stand without the milk and without. cow. " "

Anónimo disse...

Nice speech, but... what's the point?

Importa-se de explicar? É que a malta não percebe a relação de uma coisa com outra..