14 de maio de 2007

The happy sun is shining..

The happy sun is shining
The fields are green and gay,
But my poor heart is pining
For something far away.
It`s pining just for you,
It`s pining for thy kiss.
It does not matter if you're true
To this.
What matter is just you.

I now the sea is beaming
Under the summer sun.
I know the waves are gleaming,
Each one and every one.
But I am far from you,
And so far from your kiss!
And that`s all I get that's really true
In this.
What matters is just you.

Oh, yes, the sky is splendid,
So blue as it now,
The air and light are blended,
Oh yes, hot, anyhow,

Nothing of this is you
I'm absent from your kiss,
That`s all I get that`s sad and true
In this
What matter is just you.

1 comentário:

Anónimo disse...

Tu,o outro,o mar e os beijos que nunca mais acabam...
Com isto tudo vê lá não se afoguem, porque as imagens sugerem um ambiente lindo mas um mar agitado...

Madrigal claro.... :)